People tend to confuse the limit between drugs and other cannabis based products. Among cannabis made products, you can find Cannabidiol (CBD) oils. This type of oil has several uses; one of the most popular is its use for medicinal purposes. CBD oil is a heathy and effective medicine that can be used to manage any pain. Sometimes, due to social stigmas, patients refuse to be medicated with this modern pain reliever. Yet, at the same time, others believe they can get high after using CBD oils. Likewise, there are some who see treatments with CBD oils as a way of consuming drugs. Fear not, all of these comments are mistaken.

Stablishing the differences between treatments with cbd oils and drugs
The use of drugs with therapeutic purposes is a practice which is gaining acceptance inside the medical community. In this therapy, doctors use strong drugs in small amounts (depending on the patient’s ailment). It may help to control some psychiatric illness or obsession. But, at the same time, it creates a light addiction to the drug. This is usually due to the presence of high concentrations of THC (substance found in marihuana which makes you high).

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On the other hand, there are treatments using CBD oil. This is not a classic drug since it doesn’t make you high or creates an addiction. Even when CBD oils are obtained from cannabis plants, they have really low content of THC (less than 0.3%). These oils may even be THC-free. Finally, they can be 100% organic. Check out the following video for info:

Do CBD oils really work as pain reliever?

Several studies have been carried out on the matter. Most of these arrived at the conclusion that CBD positively affects the human organism. For instance, CBD limits the amount of anandamide our body absorbs. Then, it increases its levels in the bloodstream which causes a reduction in pain sensation. Furthermore, Cannabidiol has been shown to reduce inflammation, mainly in the nervous system. This means, people will suffer less from insomnia, depression or anxiety. Additionally, the body has cell receptors that interact very fast to CBD thus allowing this substance to act as an excellent natural pain reliever.

CBD oils are replacing traditional painkillers

Nowadays, more people are limiting themselves from consuming traditional painkillers. In a matter of speaking, this is a new trend. People want to keep their bodies free of any harmful chemicals medicines. As a result, they are betting instead for natural medicines. CBD can be produced 100% naturally. There are various ways to do it; the most common one is CO2 extraction. There are many positive aspects about CBD oil: it has a reasonable cost; it is produced under sterile conditions; it can be used to treat a wide variety of pains; and it works very fast.

There is no reason to doubt the effectiveness of this amazing drug. If you are suffering chronic pain, now it is your chance to finally put a stop to it. You won’t regret it.